Automatic Watering Device Household Small Dripper

Automatic Watering Device Household Small Dripper





  • The product contains an adjustable atomizing spray head and an adjustable dropper with floor entry. The atomizing spray nozzle with an outlet that is common on the market and the adjustable plug-in dropper are integrated into one by means of technical upgrading and conversion.
  • Set the buyer’s water pressure freely. If household water pressure is good, shoppers can choose spray irrigation to cool and water their flowers and plants. Of course, you can also use drip irrigation.
  • If you use spray, turn drip irrigation off manually. If no spray is needed, turn the spray off and drip irrigation on.
  • Applicable for: Flower pots, small flower beds, flower troughs, foam boxes for growing vegetables, etc.
  • Connection interface: The caliber is 5 mm in size. Generally connected to the 4/7 capillary tube available on the market or the inner diameter of 4 to 5 mm.


  • Material: PP+POM
  • Type: spray head
  • Spray Diameter: 0-23.6 in
  • Spray Volume: 0-8L/h


  • 3/6/9 PCs of Household Small Dripper
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