Hirundo Multifunctional Hole Punch Tool

Hirundo Multifunctional Hole Punch Tool




Do you have following problems in your life? Your favorite belt that may be too big after losing some weight. Or maybe your belt got a little too tight after the holidays eating grandma’s famous sugar butter pies. Or you may need a new hole for your cute dog collar that he’s growing out of. Whatever the reason, life happens.But our product– Multifunctional Hole Punch Tool will help you to deal with these troubles.


  • It is a hole punching tool capable of making holes in fabrics of various levels of thickness, including vinyl and plastic.
  • It may be used as a leather punch tool or to place holes in even the most delicate fabrics.
  • Can assist in custom-fitting watch bands or replacing broken snaps.
  • This hole punching tool is also great for crafts and adding custom touches to your fabrics and clothing.
  • Ideal for a variety of different projects, from shoe repair to fixing your outdoor gear.
  • This leather punch tool comes complete with 75 eyelets and snap fasteners and is equipped with 5 different hole sizes to fit all of your hole-punching needs.


Color: Silver
Model: Roto Punch
Net Weight: 276g
Size: 21*8cm

Package Include:

1 x  Multifunctional Hole Punch Tool

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